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REMOVALS - Having all the necessary equipment to implement complete and efficient take downs of anything that grows from the ground.

CHIPPER - We run a large capacity chipper allowing us to mulch over 20" diameter of wood at a time. This is a great time saver.

HAULING - Our 55 yard Grapple Truck is capable of picking up thousands of pounds in one load. Much of the time This eliminates having multiple trips with loads of debris, especially on large jobs.

STUMP GRINDING - After a tree is cut flush to the ground it still leaves a lip that would need to be mowed around. the stump grinder is a separate piece of equipment to we bring in to auger the stump down below ground level. This allows dirt to cover it and grass can grow over it. It cosmetically removes all traces of the tree. In most cases it is possible to go deep enough that allows landscaping over it.

TRIMMING - Our crews are skilled in using the Palm Beach County Arborist Guidelines when trimming trees. Either thinning or reducing the crown for a healthier, more beautiful tree. Also making it storm ready

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